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Association Leaders


  • Appreciate you getting all those applications processed. That was AWESOME and really shows off your dedication to the [association] cause.
  • We REALLY do appreciate you going above and beyond to get the applications worked and the numbers included in January. NEVER could have accomplished it without your efforts.
  •  …a one-armed paper hanger known as She Who Knows All
  • As usual you came through with FLYING COLORS. Thanks for getting this out. I do realize you went over and above for [our association] (well actually for me!). Take the rest of the day off – If anyone asks just tell [them] to see me. (Betty Fletcher, MPM®, Membership Chair)
  • I am so appreciative to you for the LOVE and professionalism you have for [our association].
  • Sherri has been truly amazing. She responds to my emails let alone the hundreds or thousands of others promptly and professional. She works hard for [our association]. (Melissa P. Past President)
  • ...thanks for doing a great job at the Leadership Symposium running the registration table for convention – in addition to all your other assistance. (Rose T., Convention Chair)
  • Thanks for all you do. You do it with humor and commitment. We appreciate it. Thanks. (Chris H., Past President)
  • Kudos to Sherri for keeping up during the onslaught. (Andrea C., Past President)
  • Excellent job! You are giving great service to our members…keep up the good work. (Karen H., Board Member)
  • Thanks for stepping in on such short notice 6 months ago. You weren’t afraid to come in and do what needed to be done. (Mike M., Past President)